18 January 2024

We’ve launched a loadable version of our 2024 Billing Calendar.

In December, we shared our annual billing calendar which contains key dates for our 2024 invoicing schedule

In previous years, the calendar has been produced in PDF and iCal formats. In order to upload the dates into your billing systems, you’ll have needed to convert the data into a different format.

We’ve listened to your feedback, and following the progress of XRN 5690, we’re now pleased to share a new, loadable CSV version of the calendar.


Our 2024 Billing Calendar is now available in three formats: PDF, iCal and CSV

Using the new CSV file, you can now load the key billing dates directly into your own systems. This will remove the need for manually converting the data into a suitable format.

Each year, we’ll publish the CSV file alongside the traditional PDF and iCal files.


Download or view our 2024 Billing Calendar

More information on XRN 5690

Visit our dedicated page for more information on XRN 5690 – Creating a loadable Billing Calendar File for DSC Customers.

XRN 5690

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