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Discover how the M Number creation service works – and how to request one.

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    What is the M Number creation service? 

    M Number creation is a service for Shippers.  

    If you find a live supply point that doesn’t have a live Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN or M Number), we’ll create one for you. 

    This is not a service for new connections.


    How to request an M Number 

    To get an M Number, Shippers need to: 

    1. download and complete the Shipper M Number creation form 
    2. provide all the mandatory, fast-track and optional data that’s relevant 
    3. follow this format for the file name: SSC.DDMMYYYY.MNC.xls  
      Just change SSC to your Organisational Short Code – and DDMMYYYY to the relevant date, month and year. The rest stays the same.
    4. email the form to xoserve.mprncreation@xoserve.com  


    What happens next? 

    We’ll check over your request and make sure an M Number hasn’t already been created.  

    Then we’ll send it to the relevant distribution network for further validation. They may request a site visit.   

    When the distribution network has validated your request, we’ll create an M Number and let you know. If it’s rejected, we’ll tell you the reason why.   

    Following the implementation of the Central Switching Service (CSS), the CSS provider will be notified when an M Number is created for a CSS site. Once this happens, a Supplier can trigger the registration process.


    Find out more

    Read our M Number User Guide for more detail and advice on applying for an M Number.


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