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XRN 4833
Roll Out of Business Intelligence and Data Discovery Capability

Last Updated
16 Jan 2019
Release Type
Implementation Date
07 May 2019
Proposer Xoserve Impacted DSC service area


Customer Change Team Leader


Since the go-live of UK Link the CDSP have been using a cloud based data discovery and Business Intelligence (BI) technology to monitor and analyse internal data. It is proposed that this capability is now rolled out to their customers to complement and enhance current Business Intelligence (BI) / analytical insight provisions.

The opportunity to leverage this CDSP capability provides customers a new and more visual way to receive and interpret the data services we are able to provide. The data can be visualised in the form of charts, graphs and dashboards to easily identify key metrics, trends and outliers and then to drill down into the points of interest to focus on the key information. All data and visualisations will be secure, ensuring that users can only see information that they / they organisation has the right to see. Access to the data can be provision through an interactive dashboard (with options to download relevant data securely) or simply emailed to users if preferred (PDF).

By offering this externalised flexible and scalable BI/MI solution our complete customer base would gain a much broader ability to obtain not only the market data they are looking for but to also be made aware of other information that may be of significance to them as an organisation. Making this data more readily available to the customers would accelerate their ability to react to changes in the market and increase their own agility to report on data that the CDSP hold on their behalf through self-service configuration upon the secure dashboards made available to them.

Impacted Customer Types

  • IGT
  • NGT
  • Shipper
  • DNO


Document title Last updated Type
CCR for XRN4833 Birst Delivery - Data Discovery 20/Jun/2019 PDF
XRN4833 CP 15/Jan/2019 PDF


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