27 August 2020

You Said

Customers have been telling us that when they contact us, our responses were often “too slow” or that the answers were “poor quality” and did not adequately answer what had been asked.

We did

We’ve made significant strides to establish the foundational controls, processes and measures to drive greater reliability and consistency in the way we serve customers.

Since the start of the year we have introduced a number of new measures to improve our customer service and engagement:

• Set up a cross-business Project Team, whose focus was to clear the backlog of issues raised with us and improve the quality of responses and resolution timescales
• Reduced outstanding ticket volumes by 45%
• Improved the ticket management process to better measure Right First Time (RFT) resolutions and we are conducting analysis to understand the causes of RFT failures
• Reduced the average time to resolve an Incident’ from 10 days in April, to 3.5 days in July
• Supported our colleagues to improve the quality of their customer communications
• Established a number of ‘Customer Contact Principles’ to provide our people with an understanding of how we serve customers consistently with a customer centric mindset
We are still working on more improvements but pleased to report the above improvements that have improved the speed of responses and the quality of communications.

We have recently seen an increase in positive feedback;

“Concise information with a clear explanation and a friendly and helpful manner.”
“Excellent response time and detailed explanation of issue and resolution.”
“My query was fully resolved with an explanation of what caused the issue and clear instructions about corrective steps. Thank you.”
“Excellent service considering COVID-19.”
“Fast turnaround, still, in the middle of an epidemic.”
“My query was dealt with very quickly and efficiently.”

These improvements have given us the foundation to build on, with strategic investments planned throughout 2020/2021, which will transform the customer experience. These investments in our digital platform will make it simpler, easier and quicker for customers to self-serve and to contact the right people for support. It will arm our people with the insights and context they need to make every customer engagement a value adding experience.

We are delighted with the feedback we have received so far and to hear that you are finding these improvements useful. We will continue to keep you informed on the progress we make towards improving your contact experience.

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