27 September 2023

It’s now easier than ever to plan and understand your invoice charges.

In our unique position in the gas industry, we provide a range of vital services for our customers.

One of these is billing and invoicing services, involving approximately £8bn worth of charges each year for gas transportation.

We’ve introduced brand-new functionality and revamped existing material to help you plan and understand your charges.


Your invoice and charges explained

Get a breakdown of what your invoice and charge types are for, along with relevant tax information. 

All you'll need are the relevant short codes from your invoice. 

An overview of invoicing

We're responsible for: 

  • transportation billing on behalf of Network Operators
  • energy balancing invoicing on behalf of National Gas Transmission 

Learn more about these areas, and the different billing services that we provide. 

Access the new webpage

View the new features and content, and let us know what you think. 


Re-launched Comprehensive Invoice and Charge Types document

Our Comprehensive Invoice and Charge Type document provides a detailed breakdown of each invoice and charge type.

One of the activities within XRN 5547 was to thoroughly review this document to ensure it remains user-friendly and accurate.

We've recently re-launched this document, which now includes:

  • extended charge type definitions in the glossary
  • an invoice standard clauses tab
  • links to online resources
  • additional fields to charge type mapping for better clarity


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If you have any feedback on these changes, please email us at customerexperience@xoserve.com.

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