4 December 2020

Today we've published the final draft of our 2021 Business Plan (BP21). This document sets out our budget for the financial year commencing 1st April 2021 and provides our forecasts for the following two financial years, 2021-2024. We welcome our customers’ views on this final draft.

The final draft builds on the feedback provided by our customers to the first two versions of the business plan, incorporating customer feedback to date and detailing our planned investment activity and financial planning. Click here to visit our Vision and Strategy webpage where you will find the BP21 final draft documents.

What happens next?
We recognise that the CMS component of the Customer Experience investment has taken additional time to agree and our final version has been guided by discussions with customers during the second consultation stage with a view to balancing various perspectives on the approach. Given the change to CMS content during this final stage, formal customer engagement to determine approach and spend of funds will be managed through the DC Contract Management committee. Further discussion on the approach can be progressed through advocate engagement.

Customers are welcome to provide their views on the final version of the plan following publication until the Friday 11th December.

Please send your consultation responses to CustomerExperience@xoserve.com

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