13 January 2021

Dear Customer,

The UK Link estate will be undergoing a series of system upgrades to ensure they remain in a stable and supported position. To carry out these upgrades a number of outages to UK Link will be required. The dates are detailed below and have been planned to provide minimal impact to customers.


How does this impact me?

The outages have been incorporated into the standard maintenance window from 5am-7am where possible to cause minimum impact, however there are a number of days where we will need to extend the outage beyond that time.

The only minor impact caused will be on Saturday 30th  January when the calculation of Forecast CWVs at 11pm will not happen. This will mean that there will be no values published on the National Grid website and the NDM Nominations run at midnight will use CWV values from the previous 4pm run. The calculation of Forecast CWVs at 8am on 31st January will then be processed as normal.

No other operational changes will be needed.


When are the outages?

The list of outages are as follows:

  • Saturday 16th January – Wednesday 27th January between 4am – 7am
  • Saturday 30th January between 4pm – 12am


What contingency dates have been agreed?

A contingency outage is Saturday 6th February between 4pm – 12am


If you have any issues contact the Xoserve Service Desk on 0845 600 0506, or alternatively via email at servicedesk@xoserve.com

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