27 May 2022

Find out who Ofgem has chosen to develop plans for the first UK Hydrogen Village.

Ofgem choose Cadent and Northern Gas Networks (NGN) to develop plans to run first UK Hydrogen Village

Ofgem has announced that both Cadent and NGN have been chosen to develop plans to run the country’s first Hydrogen Village.

Also called the Hydrogen Village Trial or Programme, the Hydrogen Village will be designed for areas within Whitby (Ellesmere Port) and Redcar.

To read Ofgem’s announcement in full, please visit their website.

We’re proud to be supporting both of these projects

Over the coming months, we’ll work with both Cadent and NGN and engage with stakeholders across the industry. We’ll use this engagement to support the development of project plans in more detail.

In 2023 Ofgem will decide which location to progress with

Next year, Ofgem will confirm which of the locations will progress to go live from 2025, for approximately two years.

More information

Hydrogen energy trials are part of the plan to reduce CO2 emissions of the average household by 95% to reach the 2050 net zero goal.

Natural gas, used by most homes, accounts for 23% of the UK’s overall CO2 emissions. However hydrogen – which produces no greenhouse gas emissions at the point of us – could potentially replace natural gas as a low-carbon source of energy for heating, hot water and cooking.

Existing gas boilers can be replaced with hydrogen-ready versions and hydrogen can be carried by the network provider’s existing pipe infrastructure.

Two areas, comprising around 2,000 homes and businesses each, have been identified as potential locations for the Hydrogen Village.

  • Cadent is the Gas Distribution Network for the project in Whitby (Ellesmere Port)

  • NGN is the Gas Distribution Network for the project in Redcar

Both companies have written to customers in the areas and will engage further with the local communities in the coming months.

Whitby was chosen for its proximity to the HyNet hydrogen production facility

Whitby, in Ellesmere Port, was chosen for its proximity to the HyNet hydrogen production facility at Stanlow Manufacturing Complex. HyNet is on track to produce low-carbon hydrogen from the mid-2020s.

You can find more information on the Whitby project below:

Website: www.hydrogenvillage.com
Email: enquiries@hydrogenvillage.com
Phone: 0800 035 3371

The Redcar project is near sites identified for low-carbon hydrogen production

Redcar’s project will be taking place in the Warrenby, Coatham and Kirkleatham districts. The area s near sites which have been identified for low-carbon hydrogen production.

Cadent and NGN have already been running the HyDeploy programmes in the North-East and Staffordshire, where 20% of the gas mix has been replaced with hydrogen (sometimes called ‘hydrogen blend’).

You can find more information on the Redcar project below:

Website: www.redcarhydrogencommunity.co.uk
Email: redcar@northerngas.co.uk
Phone: 0800 035 3371

The development of 100% hydrogen starts in the neighbourhood trial, known as H100 in Fife in Scotland. This will be followed by the Hydrogen Village and will lead into an upscaled hydrogen town pilot by the end of the decade.

Cadent and NGN will soon start a period of engagement with owners/residents of homes and businesses within the proposed areas. This will include holding meetings and events to explain the benefits of the programme and how it would work.

Everyone in the proposed areas will receive a free heating survey. Wherever the final project goes ahead, 100% hydrogen will replace natural gas in the pipelines for around two years from 2025. Also, existing gas boilers will be upgraded to hydrogen-ready versions free of charge.

  • May 2022 – Gas Distribution Networks will send letters to residents in the proposed areas

  • June 2022 – more information will be supplied to residents; public engagement activities will begin; Gas Distribution Networks will undertake surveys to develop proposals for the project

  • 2023 – Ofgem will confirm the area(s) where the full trial will take place

  • 2025 – 100% hydrogen supplied in place of natural gas to properties in the confirmed project area

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