6 March 2023

On Saturday 11 March, we introduced slight differences to the emails you receive after raising a query through the website’s help and support section.

The below changes were successfully implemented on Saturday 11 March

Your query reference number prefix will change from “ENQ” to “QRY”

Currently query reference numbers begin with “ENQ” (eg ENQ-0001). This reference number appears on the confirmation screen after you raise a query and in the subject of email updates.

From Saturday 11 March, query reference numbers will begin with “QRY” (eg QRY-0001).

Any open tickets that were raised before this update will remain under the old “ENQ” prefix until the query is closed.


You’ll receive query emails from xoserveprod@service-now.com

The email address we use for queries will change from customerqueries@xoserve.com to xoserveprod@service-now.com.

This is the same email account that we use for any technical issues you raise with us.

If your query is open and was raised before this update, we’ll still use customerqueries@xoserve.com to contact you.


Any open tickets that were raised beforehand won’t be affected

This update won’t impact open tickets that were raised before Saturday 11 March. We’ll continue to use the old “ENQ” prefix number and email address until your query is closed.


We’ll carry out these changes during the Xoserve Service Desk maintenance window (9am – 12am)

During this time, you won’t be able to raise a support request through Xoserve.com.

If you need to report a technical issue or query during this time, please email our Service Desk directly.

Email Service Desk


Get in touch

If you have any questions about this update, please email us at customerexperience@xoserve.com.

Email us


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