8 April 2022

Working with Shippers to improve the accuracy of industry data.

Every year, we work with Shippers to improve the accuracy and quality of data in our systems. This is known as the meter point portfolio reconciliation exercise.

During this time, Shippers provide us with a dataset of active supply meter points. We match this information against the data we hold in our systems and share any discrepancies.


Our Shipper Industry Report 2021/22 highlights industry data discrepancies

The report highlights data discrepancies for sites with a supply arrangement in place but:
  • the Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) isn’t registered to a Shipper
  • the site doesn’t appear on the Supply Point Register
  • the site is dead or extinct

  • the site appears on one or more supply point portfolios 


Download the report

View our Shipper Industry Report, to view the discrepancies highlighted in the meter point portfolio recognition exercise.



Want to know more about the meter point portfolio reconciliation exercise?

Access our dedicated meter point portfolio reconciliation course, which provides you with all the background and information you need to know.

You can find other e-learning materials, on a wide range of topics, on our E-learning materials page.

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