16 May 2023

Read about our latest features in utility news, as we continue our journey to net zero.

As the UK works towards its net zero target, the energy sector remains a primary focus when it comes to decarbonisation.

In our unique position as an impartial partner across the industry, we’re continuing to be a leading voice in the journey to net zero.


Creating a hydrogen future: the role of gas in the UK’s energy transition

Victoria Mustard, Xoserve’s Decarbonisation Strategy Lead, is a guest speaker for Connected Energy Solutions latest utility-focussed ‘Talks’.

Victoria explores the UK’s energy transition progress and how a future hydrogen market could provide a solution for decarbonising natural gas.


Could natural gas lead the way for a new era of low-carbon energy?

Victoria also features as a guest contributor for Power Engineering International, as she examines the role low-carbon gas can play in bringing about a successful energy transition in the UK.


Delivering net zero: The difficult questions we need to ask

Stephanie Ward, Xoserve’s Chief Executive Officer, features in Utility Week and highlights the complexities involved with achieving the net zero 2050 target.

Stephanie details the difficult questions and inconvenient truths we must all take on to address the net zero challenge.


Decarbonisation knowledge centre

Discover more about how we’re helping to facilitate the decarbonisation of gas.

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Decarb Discussions: our decarbonisation podcast

We’re exploring the gas industry’s road to net zero with our dedicated podcast.


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