24 July 2023

Regular users of each product are being invited to help shape their future development.

We're trialling new ways to search and filter our file formats and Data Permissions Matrix (DPM) which are currently hosted and presented in SharePoint sites and Excel spreadsheets.

File formats

The documents that outline how to create a file to be submitted to systems like UK Link and Gemini. 

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Data Permissions Matrix

The DPM is the central register of customer accessible data items that are held in our systems.

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Next steps

We hope that the new functionality will make it much easier for customers to access and use this data.

The new functionality is still in a ‘Beta' phase, this means that:

  • it is still a work in progress
  • we’re actively seeking customer feedback on how it can be improved
  • it will run alongside the existing versions of each product for now


Share your feedback

User feedback is essential to help us understand how the new search and filter functionality can be further developed.

If you’re a user of the file formats or DPM, please spend some time using the new functionality and feedback via email to xoserve.isstrategy@xoserve.com

Email your feedback

We welcome feedback on:

  1. UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) observations
  2. Any data related issues/errors
  3. Any other thoughts  

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