6 October 2020

Our Customer Change Team has been working alongside our website developers to launch a new look change section on our website, and we are now pleased to share these pages with you.

We are increasingly aware of how important it is to be able to easily navigate all things ‘change’, whether these are changes we are currently working on, what we’ve implemented or what’s in our pipeline. For this new development to our website, our focus has been on the functionality of navigating change and how our Change Proposals and inventory of change is displayed.

We are hoping that you will find these new pages easy to navigate whether you are brand new to the process or a regular attendee at our Change Forums.

We have implemented six new change pages, covering the following key areas:

  • New to the process?An overview of how a change progresses from start to finish
  • Have an idea for Change?Submit a change to us to assess and potentially begin development
  • Change ProposalsThis page contains all the changes we are working on and current Change Proposals, as well as changes that are on hold, withdrawn and implemented
  • Change PacksAll Change Pack documents that have been issued to the Industry
  • Our Change Programmes Change Release Programmes that are ongoing
  • The Change RegisterThe full Change Register of all changes that are being worked on

These improvements have given us the foundation to build on, with strategic investments planned throughout 2020/2021, which will transform the customer experience further. These investments in our digital platform will make it simpler, easier and quicker for customers to self-serve.


You Said, We Did

You Said

We Did

You’d like a clearer way of viewing all Change Proposals.

We have redesigned the Change Proposal page, showing clear statuses of Current, On Hold, Withdrawn or Implemented. We have also introduced a clearer timeline, showing where the change currently is in its lifecycle and when it is expected to move to the next step.

The misalignment of information between the list of Change Proposals on the website and the Change Register causes confusion.

We are now able to extract the information that feeds into the Change Proposal page and the Change Register from the same source, meaning the information you will see relating to our Change Inventory is accurate, up-to-date and consistent.

It would be beneficial to have a dedicated area on the website which explains how the Xoserve change process works.

We have now introduced the ‘New to the process?’ page. Here you will find how our process works end-to-end. We are also working on a new document that will cover every aspect of the change process, meaning those who are brand new to the Industry will be able to learn every aspect of change and find out everything they need to know in one place.



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