1 May 2020

We are pleased to confirm that we have agreed a revised set of Key Value Indicators (KVIs) with our customers that were effective from 1st April 2020.

Our six KVIs are:

  1. Customer Issue Resolution
  2. Communication
  3. Relationship Management
  4. Change Management
  5. Financial Information
  6. Customer Data Security

This year we have introduced a new KVI focussed on Communication.  This will be based on a self-assessment using internal peer review for communications issued externally to customers.  Quality checking our communications in this way is something that we haven’t looked at before, and demonstrates a step change in how we are trying to improve the way we communicate with our customers and enhance their experience.

In comparison to our 2019/2020 KVIs, Customer Service and Service Delivery are no longer a KVI, however these will continue to be reported at the Contract Management Committee on a monthly basis.

The KVIs have been reviewed and agreed following a period of engagement with our customers, where we sought to really understand which areas are most important to them, and how we can focus on delivering an even better service.

If you have any comments or questions about our KVIs for 2020/2021, please speak to your Customer Advocate.

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