10 January 2023

As part of the Energy Security Bill guidance documents, the UK Government has recently drafted a factsheet on enabling the Hydrogen Village trial.

The factsheet explores the legislative changes the government is implementing

This is part of a pioneering programme of trials to use 100% hydrogen for heating. These include the extension of gas distribution network operators’ (GDNOs) current powers of entry in hydrogen trial areas.

They will be used as a last resort to ensure consumers’ safety after all previous attempts to contact property owners have failed, and GDNOs will require a court’s warrant to enter.

The Bill also allows BEIS to implement regulations requiring GDNs to keep consumers in trial areas appropriately engaged and informed at all stages of the trial process.

The factsheet specifies that consumers will not be forced to use hydrogen, but that GDNOs will offer convenient offers to participants and suitable alternatives for those who wish to opt out.

It also clarifies that consumers won’t pay more to use hydrogen than they would for natural gas, and that they won’t be expected to purchase and maintain hydrogen-compatible appliances.

The Bill will actively support the gas industry in delivering a neighbourhood trial in Fife by 2024, with a large village trial scheduled for 2025. The trials will provide essential information on the potential of hydrogen in heat decarbonisation by 2026.

These legislative changes will help deliver safe and effective hydrogen heat grid conversion trials, protecting consumers in the trial areas while allowing industry stakeholders to explore new and promising ways to reach our net zero by 2050 target.


View the Energy Security Bill factsheet

You can access the factsheet, get answers to FAQs, view further resources and find out more information on the below link. 



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