23 August 2022

We're carrying out our annual disaster recovery test on Saturday 3 September and Sunday 4 September.

Every year we carry out a disaster recovery test on Gemini

As part of this exercise, we confirm that production Gemini services can be migrated to a secondary data centre location. This ensures that Gemini can continue to operate if we encounter a catastrophic failure with the primary data centre.

This year’s test will take place on Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 September

Activities will start in the standard Gemini maintenance windows. If we encounter any issues extended system outages may be required.

Failover from the primary site to the secondary site - Saturday 3 September

Standard maintenance window
3:15am – 4:15am

Extended outage
4:15am – 7:30am

Failback from the secondary site to the primary site - Sunday 4 September

Standard maintenance window
3am – 5am

Extended outage
5am – 7:30am

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If you have any questions about this activity, please raise a support request through our help centre.

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