30 July 2020

Through our Demand Estimation team, we build models that help estimate gas demand and support key processes, such as daily Non-Daily Metered (NDM) Nominations and Allocation and Transportation billing.

We are pleased to share with you a further update on the progress made during the Spring and Summer in defining End User Categories (EUCs), producing Demand Models and associated Gas Demand Profiles for Gas Year 2020/21.  

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EUCs and Gas Demand Profiles play a very important role in helping us distinguish different gas consumer behaviours and understand how their reactions to things like the weather can influence their gas usage at different times of the year.  The process for defining the EUCs and Gas Demand Profiles for the new Gas Year is carried out during February to August and is discussed at the Industry Forum, the Demand Estimation Sub-Committee (DESC).

Did you read our previous update?

In May, our Demand Estimation Team published an update on the Industry’s Seasonal Normal Review.  This provided information on the process, and also included an explanation of where there may be impacts to operations within your own organisation.

Do you have any questions?
If you have any questions or comments on our latest update, please contact us at xoserve.demand.estimation@xoserve.com.

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