3 May 2023

Every year, we conduct disaster recovery tests to ensure we can continue to operate if we encounter issues with our data centres.

We’ll soon be carrying out disaster recovery tests on the Electronic File Transfer (EFT). EFT is used to collect and send files over the Information Exchange (IX).

You can find the dates and times of these activities below:

  • Saturday 13 May – 4:25am until 6:50am
  • Sunday 14 May – 4:20am until 6:45am
  • Monday 15 May – 4:25am until 6:50am


There will be planned outages from 5:15am until 6:00am on each day of testing

During this time, files won’t be collected or sent to the numerous IX servers from the EFT system.

These outages won’t begin until the completion of the Gemini Line pack.

If you have any questions or encounter any issues because of these tests, please raise a support request.

Raise a support request

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