26 January 2023

The second in a series of podcasts discussing our journey towards net zero.

Decarb Discussions podcast - The gas metering journey to net zero

Victoria Mustard talks to metering specialists about the role meter asset management will play in a decarbonisation journey.

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This month, we take a look at the role of metering in achieving a net zero gas system. We also highlight specific challenges metering organisations will face as we transition to low-carbon and then net zero carbon.

As the industry collaborates towards a shared goal, we’re sharing what metering specialists would like the rest of the gas industry to know about, including:

  • how metering business models are changing as organisations decarbonise
  • what a gas blend or 100% hydrogen replacement for natural gas will mean for metering and the gas customer experience
  • why smart gas meters are important now and the challenges involved in keeping them smart
  • why stranded assets and engineer safety training are crucial issues that require focus from policy makers and the industry as we transition away from natural gas

We’d like to thank the following industry specialists for their time and input in this podcast:

  • Chris Wood – Hydrogen and Innovation Lead, National Gas Metering
  • Gary Fisher – Industry Data Manager, Macquarie Energy
  • Jeff Studholme – Managing Director, Smart Meter Assets
  • Stuart Blair – Industry Compliance Specialist, Northern Power Grid Metering Ltd
  • Steven McGill – Head of Pipelines, Energy Assets


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