23 November 2023

The twelfth in a series of podcasts discussing our journey towards net zero.

Heat demand and the role of energy storage

Xoserve’s Victoria Mustard and Dr. Grant Wilson explore the issues that will impact future energy demand patterns, how the UK’s plans to decarbonise heat will create new challenges for security of supply, and how energy storage can support system flexibility. 

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Guest Speaker: Dr. Grant Wilson, Associate Professor at Birmingham Energy Institute, University of Birmingham

This episode covers:

  • why the decarbonisation of heat creates significant challenges
  • why battery storage alone cannot provide the flexibility our system needs
  • why gas remains important for balancing seasonal energy demand
  • why extreme events need to be considered in the UK’s future energy plans
  • what Dr Wilson believes needs to happen next for our nation to successfully achieve net zero


Decarb Discussions: Dedicated podcasts exploring the road to net zero for the gas industry.

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