18 April 2024

The fourteenth in a series of podcasts discussing our journey towards net zero.

Championing and supporting women in energy and utilities

In this episode of Decarb Discussions, Victoria Mustard, Xoserve's former Decarbonisation Strategy Lead spoke with a wide range of people from across the utilities industry about what can be done to better empower, encourage and support women in the energy and utility industry.

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Guest speakers:

  • Della Newton, Global Energy Management and Sales at ENGIE
  • Sophie Dooley, Consultant at Engage Consulting
  • Ayena Gupta, Head of DCC Oversight & Regulatory Review
  • Melissa Giordano, Deputy Director of Retail Systems and Processes at Ofgem
  • Jo Layton, Data Quality Manager at npower
  • Stella Matthews, Head of Business Operations and Portfolio Management at N-Gen Energy Solutions
  • Steve Brittan, CEO of Xoserve
  • James Verdon, Stakeholder Manager at Xoserve

This episode covers:

  • What advice they would offer to their younger selves
  • What they would say to someone joining the utilities industry today
  • What can be done to encourage more women into senior roles
  • How greater diversity and inclusion can be encouraged and adopted

Decarb Discussions: Dedicated podcasts exploring the road to net zero for the gas industry.

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