13 January 2021

Following a series of successful releases into our Data Discovery Platform (DDP), we would like to announce that the latest Network release, Must Read Notifications as part of Read Insights, is now available to through the DDP.

This release has built upon the previous releases, giving Networks a monthly view of their sites as they enter the Must Read notification process.

“Initially the DDP will provide you with pre-defined dashboards and reporting capabilities, that will allow you to explore and bring your company data to life” explains our Chief Strategy Officer, Ranjit Patel. “Ultimately, our vision is to enable you to discover your own data by creating and developing dashboards and reports, unique to your organisation’s needs.”

What new data is available to you in the DDP?
We have developed dashboards to support Networks in monitoring sites entering the Must Read Notification process. You will have access to a monthly view to MPRNs which have entered the Notification process for all Shippers within your portfolio. In addition to this, you will also have the ability to view MPRNs from previous months which have had notifications allowing you to carry out trend analysis on the data.

What does the DDP mean to you?
You will be able to explore your dashboards and switch between high-level visualisations and your low-level granular data. We strongly believe that this increase in data availability and flexibility will help with day-to-day analysis, and reduce the need for you to raise reporting change requests, saving you time and money.

What benefits will you get from the DDP?
Our DDP uses your UK Link data, combined with Xoserve expertise, and industry performance measures, to provide you with data visualisations and clear insights. This will allow you to evaluate and easily react to any changes and trends. Trend analysis will also enable you to quickly gain a competitive edge, by identifying new opportunities to improve your performance.

How do you access your reports and dashboards?
When you log into the DDP, your account will be pre-configured to access your organisation’s dashboard. Using the simple navigation tools you will be able to access additional dashboards and reports made available to you.

How do you access the DDP?
If you need access to the DDP, please contact the Xoserve Service Desk on 0845 600 0506 or email servicedesk@xoserve.com.

You can download our DDP app!
The DDP is our first service supported by mobile technology, providing you with an easy and secure way to access your data on the move. You can download the app for your Android or iOS device on our website.

Do you want to know more?
Over the coming weeks we will be arranging Training sessions for all Networks, where you can find out more about the DDP and see a demo - more details to follow soon! If you have any questions about the DDP please contact your Customer Advocate.

We are committed to further develop the data that is available on the DDP, and the functionality that is available to you to analyse and visualise that data. We are really keen to ensure that we are doing this in a way that meets the needs of our customers, so if you would like to give us feedback or get involved in beta testing, please contact your Customer Advocate.


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