8 October 2020

What is the Customer Experience (CX) Programme?

The Customer Experience or CX Programme is a new three-year programme which continues to transform the experience that our customers receive. Over the next few years we will continue to address the pain points that our customers have with the service we provide to ultimately become a ‘best in class’ customer service organisation, who you choose to do business with.

Leading up to this point, we’ve implemented a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, we’ve explored and enhanced the customer journeys for areas including Change, as well as introducing more meaningful Key Performance Measures. We are also redesigning various elements of our website to make it more effective in meeting your needs. For example, enhancements have already been made to the Change and Customer Team pages to make it easier to find information and appropriate contacts, and now it’s time for the next step.

What’s the next step for the programme?

On Monday 12th October, we are launching a new webpage where help and support will be easier to access. From this date, when you click on ‘Help and Support’ in the top navigation of the website it will take you to a simple form where you will be asked to choose the query type, this will ensure your query is sent to the right team. Initially we have started with the high-volume query areas that account for 90% of our queries, these include: Annual Quantity (AQ), Reads, RGMA, Invoicing, User Admission and Supply Point Administration (SPA). The remaining query types will be introduced over the coming months, as well as further development of the ‘technical issue’ route to bring it in line with what we are doing for queries.

What are the benefits of this new process?

This new process will make it easier to contact us and will provide you with a more accurate, timely resolution, as well as:

  • Immediate acknowledgement of your query and a reference number to track its progress
  • A follow up email with an expected date of resolution
  • Frequent communication with you if there’s a risk we won’t meet the expected resolution date
  • The ability for you to feedback after every response, and where you are dissatisfied, we will endeavour to understand how we could have improved the service
  • All queries will be managed in one place allowing us to monitor customer feedback more accurately and gain meaningful Market Intelligence (MI) to inform us of specific areas that require improvement
  • Access to relevant and regularly updated frequently asked questions (FAQs) to provide you with a richer experience

What if I want to call or email an individual or box account like I’ve always done?

We won’t be removing the ability to contact us as you always have done, but by using this new contact query process you will receive a more enhanced experience. Our CRM tool will ensure we hold all our query information in one place, so we can harness this analytical intelligence to control and monitor the quality, consistency and timeliness of our responses and deliver improvements to this service.

What do you need me to do?

Please make colleagues in your organisation aware of these changes, especially individuals/teams who raise queries. The new contact pages will be in place from Monday 12th October.

If you have any questions, please speak to your Customer Advocate.


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