29 September 2022

Xoserve will administer the EPG scheme

XRN 5565 - Appointment of CDSP as the Scheme Administrator for the Energy Price Guarantee (EPG) for Domestic Gas Consumers (Gas) (UNC0824) – was approved at an extraordinary meeting of the DSC Change Committee on 27 September 2022.

This Change Proposal creates a new Shipper-funded service line within the Data Services Contract for the CDSP to perform the function of the EPG Scheme Administrator.

Gas price reduction

The Domestic Energy Price Guarantee will reduce the unit cost of gas for domestic consumers from 1 October 2022. Xoserve will administer the EPG scheme and will make payments to registered Gas Suppliers on a weekly basis for the previous week. The Suppliers will need to reduce the unit price that they charge their customers, subject to a minimum unit rate.

We have published a dedicated EPG scheme webpage, more information will be added as it becomes available over the next few weeks.

EPG webpage


Any Suppliers who have not yet been contacted about the scheme can email Xoserve using gpg@xoserve.com to discuss joining.

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