1 May 2020

In his last weekly Coronavirus (COVID-19) customer update, Andy Szabo, our Chief Customer Officer highlighted the four urgent UNC Modifications that have been raised to help address the impacts of COVID-19 on Gas Allocation, Unidentified Gas (UIG) and Annual Quantity (AQ). 

Details for each Modification can be found below:

  • 0721 (Urgent) - Shipper submitted AQ Corrections during COVID-19
  • 0722 (Urgent) - Allow Users to submit Estimated Meter Reading during COVID-19
  • 0723 (Urgent) - Use of the Isolation Flag to identify sites with abnormal load reduction during COVID-19 period
  • 0724 (Urgent) - Amendment to Ratchet charges during COVID-19 period

To support the Modifications, we have created a set of training materials and How To Guides that provide details on how the proposed functionality could be utilised should the Modifications be implemented by Ofgem.

“We hosted a series of UK Link awareness sessions over Skype this week, to support the urgent UNC Modifications under consultation.  The events were well received and attended by representatives from across the Industry” commented Fiona Cottam, our Business Process Manager. 

A final decision on whether to implement these Modifications is due from Ofgem today (Friday 1st May).  We will provide further updates after Ofgem publish their decisions.

If you need any more support after you have reviewed our training materials or have any questions, please contact your Customer Advocate.

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