Opening Up Our Data

We're improving how we manage and provide data to our Data Services Contract (DSC) customers

Our customers increasingly need to access the data we manage in a secure and easy way.

Opening Up Our Data is part of a multi-year investment to improve how we manage and provide data to our DSC customers.


Our progress in Q3

We're continuing to develop the core Data Discovery Platform (DDP). 

  • Bespoke dashboards launched
    Bespoke dashboards are now available through a browser or the DDP app. Through these dashboards you can explore your organisation's data, ask questions and explore your insights whenever and wherever you need. 

  • Updated tools
    We've updated tools to give you instant access to visualised data, covering your specific business needs and performance indicators. 

  • 800 new users
    In 2022, we registered 800 users across over 110 organisations. 

  • Customer workshops held
    We've held multiple customer workshops to understand your needs and priorities, so we can ensure DDP continues to deliver value. 


Our focus for Q4

  • Successfully deliver MOD664
    We’ll deliver MOD664, which will introduce reporting that enables PAFA and Shippers to gain greater insight into their read performance obligations. This will begin to flag sites that aren’t meeting their obligations. DDP will identify these sites and provide UK Link with a list of sites which need their product class updating.

  • Support hydrogen trials
    We'll build on December's Distribution Network (DN) strategy day and focus on the identified top priorities for hydrogen trials. We'll use this information to deliver the next suite of dashboards and insight. 



These investments will bring the following benefits to customers:

  • Improved access: Customers can explore their data through interactive dashboards. They can also use application programming interfaces (APIs) to integrate directly with our systems.
  • Reduced costs: By self-serving data, customers don’t need to spend time and money raising and managing queries.
  • Better data quality: With data flows more transparent, and data sourced from a single location, results will be more consistent and high-quality.
  • Improved and informed decision making: With access to the latest data we hold, customers can make the right decisions based on the actionable insight DDP provides.
  • Compare costs and protect your revenue: Our new Shipper pack, performance reports and invoice reports enable you to compare costs, price more effectively and protect your revenue. 
  • Greater insight for IGTs: Independent Gas Transporters (IGTs) can compare Market Domain Data (MDD) against UK Link to improve the accuracy of asset data. 

You can find more information on this investment theme, along with the benefits these activities will deliver, in our 2022 Business Plan.


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