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XRN 4995
Procurement of a Laboratory Study of within-pipe gas temperatures

Last Updated
18 Jul 2022
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Proposer Xoserve Impacted DSC service area

Service Area 3 (Previous Dec 18 – Mar 21)

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The Standard volume-to-energy conversion factor (CF) is set out in Gas Thermal Energy Regulations.  This factor is used in the calculation of metered volumes from meter readings. The impact of the use of a standard CF is under investigation by the Unidentified Gas (UIG) Task Force and the AUGE (Allocation of Unidentified Gas Expert), who have identified that it could increase UIG in winter and decrease UIG in summer.  This is because the standard conversion factor assumes a constant temperature of the gas passing through the meter of 12.2 degrees.  If the gas is colder, then the actual quantity of gas will be under-recorded, and if it is warmer, it will be over-recorded.

The AUGE has highlighted a lack of viable data on temperatures of gas consumed within GB meters.  At the UNC AUG Sub-Committee in March the AUGE proposed an independent study to undertake laboratory tests on the impact of surrounding temperatures on the actual metered gas temperatures.  This study would test various scenarios of ambient temperature around the gas meter and gas flow rates, and model the impacts on the temperature of gas consumed.

The UNC AUG Sub-Committee recommended that DSC Contract Management Committee should agree an approach to procurement of a service.  At the July DSC Contract Management Committee it was agreed that the most appropriate approach was for Xoserve to procure an independent party to undertake the laboratory study

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