Funding, governance and ownership

Find out about how we are funded, governed and owned. Learn about our Board, which comprises industry-nominated directors and an independent Chairman.

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    We invoice and collect funds from Data Services Contract (DSC) and UK Link User Agreement (UUA) customers.

    The rules for how we do this are set out in the:

    • CDSP budget
    • Charging Methodology
    • CDSP Credit Policy

    Our Central Data Service Provider (CDSP) service charges reflect the budget approved by our Board each January.


    How we're funded

    Watch this video which explains how we’re funded, and how our business plan determines our investment activities and the services we deliver.


    Music featured in this video: "Jellyfish in Space" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License


    Accountability and consultation

    We are accountable to and consult with all DSC and UUA signatories. We also consult all our customers when we’re developing our annual Business Plan and budget.  

    Once we’ve completed this consultation, we make recommendations to our Board for approval. 



    Governance matters at Xoserve are steered by our Board and the committees of the DSC.

    Our Board

    The Xoserve Board is chaired by Mike Hogg.

    Membership of the Board comprises:

    • two members nominated by the Gas Distribution Networks
    • one member nominated from National Gas Transmission
    • one member from the Independent Gas Transporters (IGTs)
    • four members nominated by the Gas Shippers

    Our Board members are:

    • Sarah Carroll Network nominated Director
    • David Handley– Network nominated Director
    • Tony Nixon – Transmission nominated Director
    • Neil Shaw Independent Gas Transporter nominated Director
    • John Clarke – Shipper nominated Director
    • Yehuda Cohen – Shipper nominated Director
    • Inge Hansen – Shipper nominated Director
    • Chris Jones Shipper nominated Director

    Role of DSC committees in decision-making 

    All signatories to the DSC share the decision-making for services provided under it. Decisions are made by three committees:

    • Contract Management Committee
    • Change Management Committee
    • Credit Management Committee

    Committee meetings are chaired, organised and administered by the Joint Office of Gas Transporters. The Joint Office oversees the process for the appointment of voting representatives.

    DSC and Central Data Service Provider (CDSP) documents

    The Joint Office of Gas Transporters’ website includes all the key DSC and CDSP service documents.



    Xoserve is jointly owned by National Gas Transmission and Britain’s four major gas distribution network companies: