Accessing secure documents

How to access our secure document areas including a description of the documents in each area.

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    Accessing our secure documents

    Many of our documents contain commercially sensitive data, which is why they are hosted on our secure internal network or intranet (SharePoint).

    To view these documents, we've created an extranet, enabling secure access to our intranet for external authorised users.

    Who can apply for access?

    Access to our secured documents is available to:

    • Network Operators (Gas Transporters (GTs) and Independent Gas Transporters (IGTs))
    • Shippers

    Access can also be provided for third parties who are referred by either a Network Operator or a Shipper.


    How to gain access and set up login

    Please ask your Local Security Officer (LSO) to complete and submit the form below to request access to our secure document areas.

    Secure site access request form

    Once you have been granted access, you can use our Extranet Sites User Guide to set up your new login details.


    An overview of our secured documents

    Below is a list of our secured document areas with an overview of their contents.


    UK Link Documentation Library (secured)

    This area contains documents relating to the networks and systems that form UK Link including communications and agreed file formats.

    You’ll also find information on the access, interface and support facilities available to UK Link users.

    Documents in this area include:

      • Communications
      • UK Link Manual
      • UK Link Interface Documents (inc. Gemini file formats)
      • Guidance Documents
      • UK Link Release Documents


    UK Link Docs Library (secured)

    UK Link Documentation (secured)

    In this area, you have access to additional UK Link information including Demand Estimation data and Non-Daily Metered (NDM) algorithms.

    Documents in this area include:

      • UK Link Manual
      • Organisation Detail Registered on UK Link
      • CSEPS and Unique (Non-Standard) Sites
      • Ofgem Data Request
      • MOD640 End of Year Reconciliation
      • MOD229 AUGE Data Provision
      • Reconciliation
      • Industry AQ publications
      • IGTs TO transporter files
      • Non-UK Link System File Formats
      • ARCHIVED – Nexus Files and Documents
      • MOD473 AUGE Data Provision
      • Performance Assurance Framework – monthly reports
      • NDM Profiling and Capacity Estimation Algorithms
      • Seasonal Normal System Demands
      • Neutrality Statements
      • SOQ data and capacity figures


    UK Link Docs Library (secured)

    Network Companies Documents (secured)

    In this area, you can view Network Companies’ documents for Gas Transporters (GTs) and Independent Gas Transports (IGTs).


    UK Link Docs Library (secured)