Supplier – failed Shipper replacement form

This form is for Suppliers – please complete the form below so you can replace a failed Shipper with another Shipper you have an arrangement with.

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    This form relates to UNC Modification 0788 (urgent), which was implemented on 1 November 2021.

    The Modification applies to Suppliers who are operating under a ‘Deed of Undertaking’ pursuant to Condition 18 of the Supplier Licence.

    Following the termination of their Shipper, this Modification enables Suppliers to utilise other Shipper relationships to source additional supplies of gas.

    This can now be done under the updated ‘Deed of Undertaking’ until a new registered Shipper is in place.

    You can find out more details in the UNC 0788 (Urgent) Final Modification Report.


    Supplier – failed Shipper replacement form

    Please complete this form to start the process of replacing a failed Shipper with another Shipper you have an arrangement with.

    Supplier details

    Please input your details and details of the Supplier you are populating this form on behalf of.

    Pursuant to Supplier Licence Condition 18 you are required to have entered into an updated Supplier Deed of Undertaking with each Gas Transporter and Independent Gas Transporter. By ticking this box you have confirmed that this is in place.

    Replacement Shipper details

    Please provide details of your contact at the Shipper organisation who can validate that an agreement is in place.

    Supplementary information

    Please provide as much additional information as possible.

    Please include details of the agreement including (if known) estimated daily trade volumes, start and end date and any other relevant information.
    Do you require any portfolio data from Xoserve to support the agreement? If so are there any restrictions on the portfolio information (for example the replacement Shipper can only see Class 4 sites)? Please also confirm the frequency of any reports required.

    I have read the Terms and conditions and agree to the data being processed in accordance with Xoserve's Privacy policy

    Please tick the box below before submitting the form, we will contact you if any more information is required.