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Find out what a Priority Consumer is and how we manage the Priority Consumer Process on behalf of the industry.

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    What is a Priority Consumer?

    Priority Consumers are Supply Meter Points (SMPs) that must be prioritised when there is a national gas emergency.

    This is set out in the Uniform Network Code, section Q1.7.1.

    SMPs on the Priority Consumer List are the last to be told to cease taking gas where necessary for safety reasons. 


    There are three Priority Consumer categories

    As designated by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Secretary of State, the Priority Consumer List should be based on the following classes (categories) of relevant customers:

    • Category A: Relevant customers where a failure in the supply to their premises could put lives at risk

    • Category B: Relevant customers for which the sudden loss of gas causes or threatens to cause serious damage, for an unacceptably prolonged period, to human welfare, the environment or the security of the United Kingdom that cannot be reasonably mitigated

    • Category C: Relevant customers taking over 2 million therms (58.6m kWhs) per annum for which the sudden loss of gas would result in repair or replacement costs accounting to 10% or more of the Site Fixed Tangible Asset Value


    Who uses the Priority Consumer Process?

    Mainly triggered by Shippers, the process is used by multiple participants across the gas industry. This includes the assessment of requests and the visibility of Priority Consumer values within the Supply Point Register.

    Impacted parties include:

    • Shippers
    • Network Operators
    • Independent Gas Transporters
    • The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)


    How to add a Supply Meter Point to the Priority Consumer List

    Download the Priority Consumer Status Application Form below to request an SMP to be added to the Priority Consumer List. The SMP will need to be assigned to one of the BEIS directed categories.

    Once completed, you’ll need to send the form to us at

    As the Central Data Service Provider (CDSP), we’ll share your request with the relevant Gas Transporter.

    Category A and C requests

    The assessment of whether a site satisfies the criteria contained in Category A or C rests with the Gas Transporter. To ensure Gas Transporters can assess whether a site meets the criteria, certain information is required within the request that you’ll need to provide.

    Category B requests

    BEIS are likely to be involved in assessing Category B requests, as per the BEIS Letter of Direction to Gas Transporters.

    Where the Gas Transporter accepts a request to add an SMP to the Priority Consumer List, this will be recorded centrally.


    Download the Priority Consumer Status Application Form

    Once completed with all the relevant information, please send the form to

    Priority Consumer Status Application Form

    Once completed, please send to


    Need help?

    If you have any questions about the Priority Consumer Process, please raise a support request. 

    Raise a support request