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Contact Management Service (CMS)

If your new CMS account is disabled please contact your Local Security Officer (LSO) who will be able to help you.

You can access the new version of CMS here.

For any Contact types that have not moved over to the new version of CMS, you'll need to log in to the older version of CMS here. You can check which Contacts have moved over in our Contact types and functionality table

You can also download our 'How to access the new CMS' guide below.


In both the old and new versions of the CMS, there is a "forgot password" link on the login homepage. From there, you'll receive a confirmation email with a link to reset your password. 


You’ll need to contact your Local Security Officer (LSO) who will be able to identify your User ID and if necessary reset your password.

If you don’t know who your LSO is, please raise a support request.

Once you are logged into the CMS, you can change your password by going to 'Access Controls'.

No, once your User ID is set up it cannot be changed.

The file formats used in the Contact Management Service are held in UK Link Documentation.*

*Access to secure links are only available to gas shippers and transporters. To gain access find out about accessing secure documents.

For the new version of CMS, you can find formats in the training guide

The new version of CMS has enhanced access security, called Multi-Factor Authentication. During log-in you will be asked for a code, which will be sent to your registered email, so that we can check it’s you.

The authentication email used for Multi-Factor Authentication is set to your registered email address and cannot be changed.

Our CMS rebuild page has the latest news about the rollout and activities as we continue to deliver the new CMS. 

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