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XRN 5180
Inner Tolerance Validation for replacement reads and read insertions

Last Updated
24 Jan 2022
Release Type
Implementation Date
22 Jan 2022
Proposer CDSP Impacted DSC service area

Service Area 5 (Previous Dec 18 – Mar 21)

Metered Volume and Metered Quantity

Customer Change Team Leader


In the shipper read files, there is a provision for an override flag to be provided where the consumption fails the inner tolerance checks. When a read is replaced (and there is a previous and subsequent read present for the replaced read) or a read is inserted between 2 reads, the replaced/inserted read is validated against the previous and subsequent reads and energy tolerances are performed both ways for both periods.


There can be instances where only one of the 2 periods fail the inner tolerance and hence would need the override flag, while the other does not. In such cases, the read will always be rejected due to the consumption failing inner tolerance checks for one of the 2 periods.


The read validation logic needs to be amended such that if either of the 2 periods need an override flag and one has been provided, the read should be accepted.

There would also be changes to UNCVR (UNC Validation Rules) document to update the respective rules on inner tolerances for such instances.

This Change is in scope of November 2021 Major Release. 

Impacted Customer Types

  • Shipper


Document title Last updated Type
XRN5180 CP 05/May/2021 PDF
XRN5180 HLSO 11/Dec/2020 PDF


Initial Review
Start: 28/07/20
Status Change Proposal raised
Expected: 12/08/20
Status Approved into Capture
Solution Consultation
Solution Review Change Pack issued 14/12/20
Status ChMC approved solution 13/01/2021
Awaiting Delivery
Stage not used 00/00/00
Status Change moved directly to In Delivery
In Delivery
Release Nov 21 Detail Design Change Pack issued 13/01/21
Status ChMC approved design 05/05/2021
Expected: 22/01/22
Status Successfully Implemented

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