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XRN 5167
Report Product Class 4 Read Performance (MOD 672)

Last Updated
09 Nov 2020
Release Type
Implementation Date
28 Aug 2020
Proposer Scottish Power Impacted DSC service area

Service Area 3 (Previous Dec 18 – Mar 21)

Record/submit Data in Compliance with UNC

Customer Change Team Leader


UNC Modification 0672 seeks to reduce Unidentified Gas (UIG) volume by providing a target for read submission performance for Product Class 4 sites against overall portfolio. The modification proposes to target and measure performance against an agreed percentage for energy reconciled after a defined period.  This change seeks to provide PAC with an un-anonymised report which will enable them to target shippers whose performance is below the target threshold.


To fulfil the reporting requirements that may be required upon implementation of MOD 0672, the following reports should be added to the Performance Assurance Report Register.


Two new reports will be included in the Performance Assurance Report Register (PARR) document: a Schedule 2.A Anonymised Report and a Schedule 2.B Unanonymised Report.


(Note: whilst the Draft Modification Report only describes an Anonymised Report, the DMR also states “This reporting will be shared with PAC on a monthly basis at an un-anonymised level.” (Section 5: Solution).  Hence a Schedule 2.B Unanonymised Report must also be developed and published.)


Impacted Customer Types

  • Shipper


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XRN5167 - CP 07/Oct/2020 PDF


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