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XRN 5091
Deferral of creation of Class change reads at transfer of ownership

This XRN is part of XRN 5562 June 23 Major Release
Last Updated
18 Jul 2022
Release Type
Implementation Date
Proposer EDF Impacted DSC service area

Service Area 4 (Current Apr 21)

Meter Read/Asset processing

Customer Change Team Leader


Currently following an accepted class change request the CDSP will issue an estimated read on the effective date of the class change. This is to support downstream processes in closing off the outgoing class period, allowing processes such as allocation and billing to run successfully. During a shipper’s ownership this does not present an issue as the class change timing is within their control and the estimated read issued can be replaced using the appropriate read file. However, where the class change occurs on the same effective date as a Change of Shipper (CoSh) the class change read is issued immediately and closes the opening read window. This prevents a valid opening read from the incoming shipper being accepted.

It should be noted that a shipper has very little control over a class change as a result of a transfer as when nominating a meter point there is no information provided that informs them as to what the product class currently is via UK Link Communications. The likelihood of this scenario occurring has increased following the change in the AUG factors in October 2019 and resultant increase in the number of class 3 sites as, where shippers gain meter points, generally speaking, as class 4 the transfer will result in an unseen class change and the issuing of the class change estimated read.

This change seeks to retain the Opening Meter Reading window regardless whether the Change of Shipper event is coincident with a Class change so that the Shipper is able to provide an Opening Meter Reading up until D+10. A further requirement is that the CDSP does not issue the class change read to the shipper on D where the class change is on transfer day.

Impacted Customer Types

  • Shipper



Document title Comment Last updated CHMC outcome
Change Proposal N/A 31/01/2020 Approved at ChMC on 12/02/2020
Initial Review Stage not used N/A N/A
DSG Discussions N/A 27/06/2022 N/A
High Level Solution Options N/A 07/10/2020 Solution Option 1 approved
Solution Review N/A 07/10/2020 Solution Approved at ChMC on 07/10/2020
Detailed Design

Comm Ref: 2808.3 -MT -PO


Descoped from November 21 12/05/2021

Evaluation Quotation Reports (EQR) N/A 08/12/2021 Approved at ChMC 08/12/2021
Detailed Design Comm Ref: 3050.1 -RT -PO 18/07/2022 Approved at ChMC on 13/07/2022
Business Evaluation Reports (BER) Stage not yet reached N/A N/A
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Expected: 07/10/20
Status Solution Approved at ChMC 07/10/2020
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Change descoped from Nov 21 and moved backlog 12/05/21
Status Design Change Pack approved at ChMC on 13/07/2022
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