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XRN 4989
Online end to End Credit Interest process - Defect 1063

Last Updated
28 Mar 2023
Release Type
Implementation Date
20 Nov 2020
Proposer CDSP Impacted DSC service area

Service Area 7 (Previous Dec 18 – Mar 21)

NTS Capacity / LDZ Capacity / Commodity / Reconciliation / Ad-Hoc Adjustment and Energy Balancing Invoices

Customer Change Team Leader


Please Note:  XRN4989B was successfully delivered which included an interim workaround which is due to be removed. To ensure that the workaround can be removed and enable the files in question to align with the File Format specification, we are going to carry out residual activities within the February Release.

XRN4989B residual activity is an internal update to SAP ISU table population logic and will not impact the industry and not cost customers any DSC Change Budget funds.


XRN4989 was originally raised to deliver the CDSP system requirements to make this change fully automated as per original NEXUS requirements.  However, during testing for XRN4989 as part of MiR7, a number of risks were identified with regards to the file format of the related Supporting Information file (.IIS - Interest Invoice Supporting Information).  These risks, if they came to fruition, would restrict the CDSP from issuing the IIS file to Shipper via the IX and so forcing the CDSP to initiate a manual workaround.


As the original scope of XRN4989 was delivered within MiR7, and the risks being identified in the later stages for the need of File Format amendments (which require a consultation period with the industry), it has been agreed that XRN4989 be split into an A & B delivery cycles.


Part A - This will cover the elements that have already been delivered within MiR7 to make the Credit Interest Process Online and automated as per original requirements.  

Part A of this Change was successfully implemented as part of Minor Release Drop 7


Part B - This will cover additional requirements to mitigate the risks identified as part of XRN4989-A. Which are as follows:

  • Change the Max Occurrence within the RT_K77_Interest_Detail record with the IIS file from 3,000 to 750,000
  • Change the Character Length for Interest_NO_Of_Days data item within the RT_K77_Interest_Detail record from 3 to 5 with the IIS file

Part B of this Change was successfully implemented on 20/11/2020

Impacted Customer Types

  • Shipper


Document title Last updated Type
XRN4989 CP - Part A 20/Aug/2020 PDF
XRN4989 CP - Part B 20/Aug/2020 PDF


Document title Comment Last updated CHMC outcome
Change Proposal Stage not yet reached 15/01/2019 N/A
Initial Review Stage not yet reached 15/01/2019 N/A
High Level Solution Options Stage not yet reached 15/01/2019 N/A
Solution Review Stage not yet reached 15/01/2019 N/A
Detailed Design Stage not yet reached 15/01/2019 N/A
Evaluation Quotation Reports (EQR) Stage not yet reached 15/01/2019 N/A
Business Evaluation Reports (BER) N/A 28/03/2023 N/A
XRN 4989 e-learning Online e-learning session 09/02/2023 N/A
Change Completion Reports (CCR) Stage not yet reached 15/01/2019 N/A


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