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XRN 4692
CSEPs: IGT and GT File Formats (CIN Files)

Last Updated
03 Jun 2020
Release Type
Implementation Date
Proposer Wales & West Utilities Impacted DSC service area

Service area 10 (Previous Dec 18 – Mar 21)

Connected system exit points

Customer Change Team Leader


Files Affected: CIN

Reduce the number of “Triggers” in the CIN File

a. Current CIN File Process: the current CIN file is produced if there is an inconsistency in any of the data items provided by the IGT and GT.

b. Suggested CIN File Process: change the validation process, so that only inconsistencies in crucial data items lead to the creation of a CIN.

Add the CSEP Status Field

a. Current CIN File: the current CIN file does not include a field for the “CSEP Status”. 

b. Suggested CIN File: add the “CSEP Status” field and validate to ensure that there is a match.

Xoserve Process Changes

a. Improved Xoserve process for matching IGT data to GT data as the current process does not always match the most recent updates correctly.

b. A “Positive Match” report is required. This should be generated to show that the files from the IGT and GT have been matched by XoServe and there are no differences in the key data items.


Impacted Customer Types

  • IGT
  • DNO


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XRN4692 CP CSEP 17/Jun/2019 PDF


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