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Use our form to submit a Change Proposal to us. Find out how the process works.

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    Who can submit a Change Proposal?

    If you’re a Data Services Contract customer, you can submit a Change Proposal.

    How the process works

    You can use the form below to submit a Change Proposal.

    We’ll then give your proposal a unique Xoserve reference number and publish it on our Customer change register.

    We’ll add your Change Proposal to the agenda for the next Change Management Committee (ChMC) meeting for an initial review.

    The deadline for document submission is eight calendar days before the meeting. If we receive your proposal later than this, we’ll add it to the agenda for the following meeting.

    You can find the ChMC meeting schedule on the Joint Office of Gas Transporters website. Change Proposal form Simply complete the form below and then click the “submit” button.


    Change Proposal form

    Submit a Change Proposal form

    Change Proposal queries

    If you have any questions about submitting a Change Proposal, email our Customer Change team.