Project 1Stop

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    Project overview

    We've been working hard to identify various ways in which we can improve our change webpages, particularly in relation to change (both DSC and Investment).

    Project 1Stop was created in order to re-evaluate customer needs, alleviate pain points, and create a more positive experience when navigating through Xoserve change information.


    • Customers will no longer need to spend time consolidating change information from various places on the Xoserve website
    • Increased ease of change information access
    • Concise info tailored to all customers including new market participants, as change information will be clear, concise, and suitable for all customers types
    • Consistent and aligned information across all change pages
    • Appropriate level of information to be made available (e.g. information on future releases etc.) to allow customers to plan their own future change roadmap


    The key outcome of this project is all that we will ensure that all improvements made to the change function of the Xoserve website will address pain points that our collective customers have highlighted, therefore enhancing their overall experience of the website and making it a one stop shop for change.

    Work to date

    In order to understand the needs of our customers, we issued a survey to gain a sentiment of what was required for the website. We received a large number of responses and ideas to improve our website with regards to change.

    We translated these into user stories to help customers have a better idea of how these pieces of work will benefit them.

    Following a review at the Governance Review Group, the top 3 user stories were prioritised. 

    You can view the user stories here.

    Key Deliverables

    • Prioritisation of user stories with associated costs
    • Approval from customers (ChMC) on specific tasks to be carried out (this will be determined by customers who will decide on the level of improvements to be made)
    • Design phase entered – mock-up pages to be created for customers to review how all improvements will look (review sessions will also be held with dedicated customer groups – please email if you wish to be involved in these sessions)
    • Approval of design sought at ChMC
    • Interactive training packs to be produced on how customers will navigate all change pages – these will be inclusive for all customer types