Gemini Roadmap

Our roadmap lays out the improvements we're making to the Gemini System

The industry’s Capacity and Balancing regimes are evolving.

Our Gemini Roadmap lays out the improvements we need to make to our Gemini System to facilitate these changes.

We’re continuing to work with National Gas Transmission to make sure each year’s changes reflect the evolving demands of National Gas Transmission and the wider industry.


Our progress in Q3

  • Gemini Autumn release successfully implemented
    We successfully implemented the Gemini Autumn release in September 2022. The project is now in the closedown phase. 

  • Capacity and invoicing workshops
    Design workshops to explore Capacity and Invoicing have begun and we've onboarded the required resources. We've put the relevant delivery teams in place to deliver this through an agile framework. 


Our focus for Q4

Detailed design workshops

We’ll progress with the functionality detailed design workshops covering Energy Balancing, Service Extraction and Integration.

We’ll also develop a solution roadmap to determine the release strategy and identify key milestones up to October 2024.

Additionally, we'll agree a test approach strategy and delivery of the changes scoped under the regulatory change proposal will progress to conclusion.



These investments will bring the following benefits to the Gemini System:

  • better performance and reliability
  • a simple and modern user interface
  • core improvements that make the platform easier and cost-efficient to change in the future
  • manage regulatory change efficiently through our framework to deliver change to the Legacy Gemini System

You can find more information on this investment theme, along with the benefits these activities will deliver, in our 2022 Business Plan.


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