Switching Programme

Providing faster, more reliable switching for consumers

Ofgem launched the Switching Programme to encourage consumers to engage with the same energy market, and to improve their experience of doing so. Its aim to deliver reliable, next day switching for consumers by replacing the existing switching services with a new Centralised Switching Service (CSS).

Welcome to Xoserve’s CSS page. This is the central reference point for our customers on Xoserve’s involvement in, and perspective on, the delivery of Ofgem’s Central Switching Service.

We are committed to keeping our customers fully informed on the delivery of this programme. On a weekly basis, we’ll share our Weekly Progress Report, our Day After Reports (DARs) and our updated view on key risks:

  • Our weekly Switching Programme Status report; this is the weekly report we’re required to submit to the System Integrator, and we’re sharing here for our customers to have the same update
  • Day After Report summaries of key program meetings; these are basic notes that we capture during meetings to share with internal to help with consistent knowledge levels across Xoserve, and to provide a contact point if more information is required. We felt that our customers would benefit from seeing these notes should you wish to understand more about Xoserve’s interactions with the programme.
  • Summaries of the key risks: this is a summarised version of our risk log of topics we believe are affecting the programme and the work that we’re doing to address these risks.

Going forward, we’ll look to widen the information we share based on what our customers are asking to understand. If there are additional updates that you would like, or if you have a comment about any aspect of the programme, please contact Emma Lyndon

CSSC Programme S
ummary: 17th December 2020

The Switching Programme has moved to an amber/green status as a result of a number of the Programme milestones being met.

Programme testing continues mainly to plan, good progress has been made for both SIT Functional and SIT Non-Functional. All tests for SIT Functional have been completed, there are a low number of defects that will be addressed via work-off plans. SIT Non-Functional remains on track for completion against the baseline date of 12th February 2021). Data Migration Non-Functional Testing commenced on the 7th December, although early in the cycle this is tracking to plan.  

The Programme Cutover Working Group (CWG) is now operating again after being stood down for the relief period. The current focus of the workgroup is Live Rehearsal Testing as well as options for in-flight switches. There are a number of options that are being worked through for the testing of in-flights, these options will be presented at the January CWG.

We continue to work with the SI and DCC on the issues we raised against the revised Programme Plan. Out of the twelve issues that we raised six of these have been resolved, we continue to track the remainder, these are planned to be closed by the end of January 2021.

We are currently considering options in respect to our Consequential Market Trials. Engagement has been ongoing with both our customers and the Central Programme. We are currently working through these options via our internal governance and will then take our proposal through the Programme Governance in the new year.

During the Christmas period the Switching Programme will be working on a reduced activity level. In light of this Xoserve will also be taking a break during the festive period with only a skeletal staff operating on key Xoserve deliveries.

Please contact me at emma.j.lyndon@xoserve.com if you have any questions in relation to this update or for any general queries on the Switching Programme.

Merry Christmas to you all.


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