Customer Experience Team

Your Customer Experience Team

Whatever your needs, our team is here to help

We make sure that all our people understand your priorities as a customer.

We are here when you need us, whether it's just to offer friendly guidance to new market entrants, or to assist customers in solving more complex issues.

Alison Jennings - Head of Customer Experience

Email me
07500 603 269

Customer Care

Have an urgent activity and need our input?

Our Customer Care Team are here to understand your requirements and co-ordinate Xoserve's support in a timely and effective manner.

Email us with a query

Customer Care are also here to support you if you want to make a complaint

Our dedicated Issue Resolution Team sit here too, so in the event of an Incident, you can be confident that we’re communicating the latest details and path to resolution as swiftly as possible.

Max Pemberton (Customer Care Manager)

Email me
0121 229 2419 / 07742 623 186


Trevor Howell

Email me
0121 229 2722

Ryan Larner

Email me
0121 229 2578

Kieran McNulty

Email me
07930 474 072

Customer Advocacy

Our Customer Advocate Team is here to develop our DSC customer relationships and be your organisation’s voice within Xoserve.

We will support with your strategic requirements and represent you at all levels within Xoserve.

Email us with a query

Victoria Mustard (Lead)

Distribution Networks and National Grid

Email me
0121 229 273407519 605 322

James Verdon

Independent Gas Transporters (IGTs)

Email me
0121 229 2279 / 07976 563 899

Helen Field

Large Domestic Shippers

Email me
0121 229 2240 / 07887 423 740

Deborah Coyle

Industrial and Commercial Shippers

Email me
0121 229 2152

Amelia Gallini

Small and Medium Shippers

Email me
0121 229 2032

Rob Westwood

Central Switching Service (CSS) Consequential Change Programme

Email me
07502 280 641

Andy Baugh

Central Switching Service (CSS) Consequential Change Programme

Email me
07769 177 941

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