Our Exec Team

Xoserve's Executive Team works together to manage the day-to-day running of Xoserve and to help the organisation meet its goals and satisfy its customers.

Sian Jones – Chief Executive Officer

Sian joined Xoserve as CEO in June 2017, having previously worked for Accenture, where she helped launch Sainsbury's first online grocery shopping service and the Nectar Loyalty Card scheme.

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Andrew Szabo - Chief Customer Officer

Before joining Xoserve, Andrew was European Head of Customer Fulfilment at consumer credit reporting firm Equifax, where he was responsible for all of the onboarding and technical support of Equifax customers across Europe.

As CCO, Andrew aims to bring to life his passion for excellent customer service to our customers, helping our people understand not just what our customers need and expect from us, but what our customers’ consumers expect from them.

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Ranjit Patel – Chief Strategy Officer

Ranjit is passionate about helping organisations to realign their practices and culture towards customer centric thinking.

His priority at Xoserve is to ensure that we listen to and partner with our customers, and that we have the organisational capacity to deliver on our promises.

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Lee Foster – Chief Technology Officer

Having worked in the gas industry since 1994, Lee Foster has been part of the Xoserve team since the company was formed.

He has worked on a wide range of projects for numerous platforms, many of which he now oversees in his role as Chief Technology Officer.

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Sandra Simpson – Chief People Officer

Sandra has worked in the gas industry for over 25 years, having joined British Gas in 1990 and moving to Solihull in 1995.

As our Chief People Officer, Sandra is focussed on ensuring that our highly knowledgeable workforce delivers its critical services reliably, efficiently and securely.

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Clive Nicholas – Chief Commercial Officer

Clive was one of Xoserve's founding Executive members, before moving on to head up retail strategy for Southern Water and consult for large energy and water retailers. He returned to Xoserve in 2017 and is now responsible for building a cohesive commercial unit within the organisation.

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Vicky Palmer – Company Secretary

With a background in retail, Vicky has worked in the gas industry since 1990. After joining British Gas in their IT Department, she progressed through a number of roles before leading the Service Delivery Team at Xoserve. She now has executive responsibility for guiding Xoserve's Strategy.

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